What Can Asian Eyelids Teach Us About User Experience Design? A Culturally-Reflexive Framework for UX/I Design

This article begins by making the case for engaging issues of race and cultural difference in user experience (UX) design on the basis of several widely held premises about the relationship between technology, culture, and ideology. It then draws from a case study of user engagement and cross-cultural negotiation around YouTube videos about East Asian blepharoplasty to develop a Culturally Reflexive Framework (CRF) for user experience and user interface (UI) design. CRF can be used in a variety of UX and UI design contexts—both as a way of teaching students how to engage in reflexive design, as well as a tool for UX practitioners. By presenting CRF, the author shows how being attuned to the dynamics of race in the U.S.—keeping in mind that race in UX is a global issue that is shaped by transnational migration and flows of information, products, and capital more generally—can help us to be more conscientious and reflexive in matters of complex social issues in UX design. [full text]