Interfacing Cultural Rhetorics: A History and a Call (Rhetoric Review)

Co-authored with Casie Cobos, Gabriela Raquel Rios, Donnie Johnson Sackey, and Angela Haas and published in Rhetoric Review 37.2 (2018).

This essay responds to recent exigencies that ask scholars to honor histories of cultural rhetorics, engage in responsible and responsive cultural rhetorics conversations, and generate productive openings for future inquiry and practice. First, the authors open by paying homage to scholarship and programs that have made cultural rhetorics a disciplinary home. Next, they consider the varied ways in which “culture” and “rhetoric” interface in cultural rhetorics scholarship. The authors provide case studies of how cultural rhetorics inquiry shapes their scholarship across areas of rhetoric, composition, and technical communication. Finally, they close by discussing the ethics of doing cultural rhetorics work.