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“Feminist Rhetorics and Interaction Design: A Vision for Facilitating Socially-Responsible and Responsive Design,” is a chapter included in Rhetoric and Experience Architecture (Parlor Press, 2017), where I offer feminist rhetorics and interaction design (IxD) as one more way, alongside intercultural rhetorics, community and civic engagement, and other social justice oriented approaches, for teaching students how to thoughtfully design technologies that attend to questions of access, equity, and diversity. To work at the intersection of feminisms, rhetoric, and IxD is to conceive of writing/designing as a meaning-making activity that takes place through interactions that are gendered, culturally contingent, and with implications for power and privilege. In particular, I discuss the methodological affordances of bringing feminist rhetorics and interaction design together, before describing a senior-level capstone course on the theme of Feminisms and IxD.

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